Sunday, July 24, 2011

Master-Chef in New York!

The other day I had a lovely surprise awaiting me in my mailbox. I opened it to find some newspaper clippings sent from my wonderful friend Peta. It was a story about the recent trip the Chefs and Contestants from  “ Master-chef”  had made here to New York. Unfortunately I am unable to access the episodes as for some reason being out of region they are unavailable. I read the story and just laughed as it was very nice to read what other Australians thought about New York.
I will add that when both Peta and Marco where her a few months ago they were eager to have some celebrity sightings (as you would). It was much to Peta’s disappointment to be the Chefs from Australian Master-chef that were her one and only sighting........ha ha ha.
I loved what they said about New York and made me once again feel amazing lucky to be living amongst it. The only error I did pick up is that we actually tip here 20 % not 15%. Unfortunately Australian’s do have a reputation of being stingy tippers here. I can see both sides of the debate however if visiting here either double the tax or tip 20%. I know back home we just don’t tip but it’s a way of life here and its respectful to do what s a way of life here. Most waitstaff depend heavily on tips!!
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