Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cruising is it right for you?

I have decided to write a piece about the reasons why I believe a Cruise Holiday is such a fantastic option for most.
Like most things in life there are good fits and there are not so good fits.
I suppose the best question I find when initially “interviewing” my Clients is ascertaining some critical information. Why I call it critical? It’s crucial to me and to anyone in this industry who truly wants to provide their Clients with the best possible vacation their budget will allow them to have. I ask them to tell me what they loved about either their last vacation or one that they truly enjoyed from start to finish. I also then ask them about the one/s they didn’t enjoy. I ask for specifics and this quite clearly to me narrows down to what they are after when it comes to a pleasurable vacation experience.

I will concentrate on the Clients that I truly believe will benefit from a Cruise Vacation.
I do specialize in families however Cruises don’t necessarily only suit families. Here in the USA there are so many Cruise Lines that do cater for different demographics.
In general the Client needs to be someone who really wants to not worry about packing and unpacking. Obviously the more adventurous you are you can choose destinations that are out of the ordinary. Also you can choose longer cruises but basically you want to not have to worry about organizing and enjoy having it all done for you.

There are so many categories again that there really is something for everyone.
So here are my points that will defiantly sell you a Cruise!
All inclusive- So when you get the cost you basically know the majority of your vacation has been paid for. This actually really helps you stick to a budget. Items such as some drinks and liquor are additional costs. You have various activities on board such as spa treatments and gambling also that would be additional costs.
So much to do onboard- The Cruise Lines have really made sure that their guests have plenty to do onboard. For obvious reasons I cannot name each and everyone however they carefully select what they believe their type of guests will enjoy. The Cruise Companies are constantly updating and reevaluating. They know that repeat Clientele is a major aspect in their future sales. There is a very heavy focus of this and Clients do benefit. There are various privileges and discounts past passengers are entitled too.

Kid’s programmes- This to me as a mother of two would have to be one of the biggest selling points. They all have different programs however the opportunity to keep the children entertained seems ideal especially if you would like to do a bit without the kids. There is really an amazing amount on emphasis placed on these programs by the Cruise Companies that I am certain parents would be very pleasantly surprised.

Destinations- There really is something to suit everyone. These days you can really go to any part of the world on a cruise. With kids the main places here in the US seem to be down to the Caribbean. Some of the Cruise companies such as Norwegian and Disney have their own private Islands too. It’s pretty amazing. There are the options for shore excursions too which you can do as a family. Parents also have the option of leaving the kids on board and doing one on their own.
I have been asked by so many to finally post a bit about Cruises so this I thought would be the start.
I would be honored if anyone on of you would like me to plan a cruise for you and your family.
To my Australian followers I already have a few that have booked some amazing Disney Cruises in 2012. I am more than happy to plan or even just give some advice. It would be best to email me via my website as it’s easier for me to send quotes that way.


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