Friday, January 20, 2012


I would like to start this post saying how truly sorry I am for all the people affected by the accident on the Concordia last week. Its just horrible and very upsetting to think the negligence of one human being can cause such a catastrophic accident.

In saying that I know the Cruise Industry in some what of a situation where the media is really pointing out all that can go wrong. My personal view coming originally from the aviation industry is that human error is human error.
I know many have vowed they will never cruise and that is most definitely their choice. I suppose the same can be said about flying. I know even being a Flight Attendant I was very traumatized with 9/11 and I felt very uneasy about boarding a plane for a while.

I hope that the full story comes out and that those who are to blame get their just punishment.

On a more positive note I need a huge favor to ask.
I have entered a Facebook Small Business contest. I need to get as many "likes" as possible by March. If I get over 100 I go into the next level. So please if you have not already done so please like my page. Also I would appreciate if you could pass it on to your Facebook friends.
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