Sunday, January 29, 2012

Meat Pies & Sausage rolls

It was Australia Day this week and I finally felt some waves of homesickness. As I read FaceBook I felt a sense of nostalgia. I also felt a sense of longing to be part of such a patriotic day. I have not felt that for a while so it actually has caught me by surprise.
I also found out a bakery called Pie Face had opened a bakery here in Manhattan. I quickly looked it up and it was not too far from us either. They were actually going to give out free pies on Australia day which I thought was so Australian!!
Pie face I used to go to years ago at Bondi Junction. I remember them vividly so I was very happy to hear they were opening one here.

I had a Mom from the school rush up to me with a menu letting me know that this new “Aussie” establishment was in town. I then proceeded to describe to her what a pie was to us. She said it sounded “awesome” and I thought to myself yes they are.
I have been craving a sausage roll for days now. I asked the girls if they remembered what they were and unfortunately neither one did. I refreshed Isabel’s memory and finally she remembered.
So being a relatively mild day here today only about 5 degrees we walked down to 53rd and Broadway to finally have some Australian gourmet cuisine. Much to my delight it was right on the corner next to where they film David Letterman. We ordered and I had a chat to the server who was American but obviously very “Australianised”. I ordered my sausage rolls and asked if they had ketchup. He automatically knew what I meant those little packs of “tomato sauce” we have back home. He told me they didn’t have them as they are unable to get them in the US.
Oh well these sausage rolls where amazing regardless and the girls loved them!
So now I know when I get my little twinges of homesickness I can venture there and look at the pictures of Bondi that decorate the walls. I think it’s my little slice of the Eastern Suburbs right in the heart of Manhattan.

Link to Pie Face :
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