Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our first offical vacation here in the USA

Well finally the day arrived that we were leaving for our very first vacation here in the USA. Unlike back home the word “vacation” is what is used rather than “Holidays”.
We caught the flight which was a pleasant 3 hours and after a short cab trip we arrived to our hotel.
For those who have never been to Orlando it was basically developed due to Disney Resort being built there many years ago. Apparently it just grew at a very fast pace due to the huge success of Disney. This then also opened the door to various other theme parks.
It did remind me a lot of LA with the freeways and the amazing amount of “chain” stores which is so distinctively different to New York.
We excitedly unpacked and headed to the swimming pool. It was a beautiful 26 degrees so the girls were beside themselves.

The next week can only be described as “full on”. We apparently had arrived at the tail end of a huge boom season they have not seen for many years. We had a 4 day pass to the Disney Parks and we had set aside a day to go Universal Studios.
The first day was exhausting! The girls were very excited however the challenge of either lining up for 60 minutes plus or racing around to get “fast passes” was extremely overwhelming. I can honestly say that at my age my patience is very thin. Regardless we tried to make best by just powering through the many meltdowns and tantrums that I am sure were due to the overwhelming experience of it all.

The four Disney Resort parks we visited were outstanding. As a Travel Agent I can tell you all that Disney has definitely perfected the whole theme park experience. The parks were faultless as were the attractions and overall the staff. I was so impressed that I cannot recommend them enough. On that note please anyone that would like my perspective on the parks in a lot more detail please feel free to contact me. I welcome any questions. I also am able to book Disney so again please feel free contact me either via this blog or email me directly via my work email which is on my website.

Hugo and I decided that it was best due to the crowds not take Annika to Universal. Instead Hugo would spend a relaxing day with her at the hotel as I know after day 3 she was pretty exhausted. Isabel and I spent an amazing but busy day at Universals "Islands of Adventure". We waited a whole two hours to finally ride on the "Harry Potter" forbidden journey. It certainly exceeded my expectations and again shows the absolute perfection and imagination these amazing theme parks have to offer.

We departed Orlando seven days later and I have to say I was so looking forward to getting back home. I realized how much my life is now entwined in this amazing city I now call home. I cherish the fact I walk everywhere and that everything is done so fast and efficiently. I realized during a much deserved coffee at Starbucks Universal how much of a “New Yorker” I have become. As I waited to initially place my order and then wait for my latte at how incredibly slow they were to what I am used to. The Barista's seemed to talk and joke around while they had a queue that was considerably long. I almost felt like jumping over that bar and making it myself. Oh dear how will I ever cope living outside Manhattan??
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