Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11 here in Manhattan 2011

Yesterday was the day I had thought about for so long. Finally September 11th 2011 had arrived.
Since arriving in New York last November I have to admit I have wondered exactly how I personally would feel on this such a sad day. I knew I would be extremely emotional. I have come to love New York and feel such an emotional bond now with this city. How could such a thing happen here?
It’s so strange even after 10 years and even after the hours of footage I have watched there still seemed to be some sort of detachment from the people of New York and their loss. That detachment was no longer there for me yesterday. For the first time since it happen I thought of nothing but New York and her people.
When this all happened 10 years ago it coincided with the collapse of Ansett Australia.
I also had ended a long term relationship after I had found out that my partner at the time had been cheating on me for a few years. So it was a very dark time in my life where I pretty much feel in a heap and had a break down.

Yesterday I didn’t even give a second thought about what I had loss but I was overwhelmed as I watched the memorial service and family members called out the 3000 names. As  each name was called there was a photo for most. Each person reading would read a few names then the last name they read was a family member. They would then say a personal message to them. This is what really just broke my heart. So many shattered dreams. I was lucky! I had had some really bad blows 10 years ago and look at me know. Happily married, 2 kids and living in this magnificent city. These people never got that chance.
We are planning to visit the memorial that was opened yesterday however its booked out for a few months. I think it’s a great idea they only allow 1500 people at a time to allow for people to reflect and honor those who paid the ultimate price.
I watched an amazing documentary last night narrated by a Local New Yorker Robert DiNiro. The footage was captured by two French cameraman coincidentally filming at a NYFD about a Rookie Fireman. They had been filming this new Fireman and were filming the day it happen. There is footage of these Fire Fighters in the Tower 1 World Trade after it had been struck.
I was moved and inspired by the sheer selflessness of these men. They are truly heroes. The sad story is they continue to pay even after 10 years. Some have died of different types of cancers they feel were contracted by the deadly fumes they inhaled that fateful day and as the days and weeks went on.
Many suffer depression and simply cannot erase the images of destruction they witness that day.
Today as I walked back home after dropping the girls at school and I saw a fire truck drive by. I looked up at the Fire Fighters and could not help but feel amazement. They are an inspirational breed of men and woman and not just here in New York but everywhere.

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