Wednesday, September 21, 2011

HUGE Pumpkins popping up everywhere....

Over the last week I have seen those huge pumpkins popping up everywhere which I have only ever seen on TV. Halloween is the next holiday and it’s our first. I should clarify to my Australian followers that the word “holiday” here refers to a celebration rather than a vacation. Holidays are events such as Thanksgiving, Halloween Christmas, Hanukkah etc .When you take time off and go away it’s referred to a “vacation” here rather than “holiday” which is what we would say back home in Australia.
Halloween has slowly become a bit of a celebration back home in Australia but in a very little scale in comparison to the United States. Growing up in Australia it was something we would see on American programs. Finally after so many years we will experience a real Halloween next month here in New York.
What I just love about American culture is the lead up and the celebration of these holidays. These pumpkins are slowly popping up in all the food markets and I am mesmerized by the size of them. I have already received a few invitations for Halloween parties for the girls. The next step will be the costumes.
Apparently even the adults gets dressed up which should be interesting.
I embrace any opportunity to learn and participate in these celebrations. The girls and I are going to attempt to carve out a pumpkin.
I am going to have to ask my Mom friends as to the protocol with the candy and the trick or treat procedure especially here in Manhattan.
The girls are so excited and so am I.

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