Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Isabel turns 8

Well today Isabel turned 8. It seems like only yesterday I was struggling through contractions at North Shore Private Hospital in Sydney. Hugo and I were so naive. We both had no idea how much our world was going to turn upside down. Isabel was always a very much wanted child and lucky for us she was conceived very fast. My pregnancy was relatively easy and very much text book. Besides the horrible morning sickness I got for the first 12 weeks it was a very healthy pregnancy.
Both Hugo and I have been on an amazing journey after having Isabel.  Most of our journey has been wonderful however we have had our fair share of dark moments also. We have endured post natal depression, an awful robbery, a few miscarriages and then of course my thyroid cancer.  Through all these low times my Isabel has always been the shining light that kept me going even when I felt like just giving up at times.
Today I look at her and realized how much she has grown up. I love her with all my heart. Not just for being an amazing child but also loving me and Hugo so unconditionally. Unless you have children you cannot truly understand what it means to be loved faults and all by your own child.
Isabel has made such a huge adjustment moving here and starting in a school that is so different to what she came from. This year she has been put in a class with none of her girlfriends she had last year. They do that here In New York where they mix up the classes every year.The chances of your child being with close friends is rather slim. I know there must be logic to it however it’s very stressful for the children at the beginning of every school year. Regardless she has taken in her stride and is enjoying the beginning of Grade 3 here.
This morning we went to the famous Magnolia Bakery and picked up her birthday cupcakes for school. She had specifically requested them as they are our favorites here in Manhattan. She was so excited as her birthday was the first one to be celebrated in her class this school year.
The report from Isabel at school pick up was all went very well. I even got a lovely comment from her teacher thanking me for getting the mini cupcakes rather than the regular huge ones. I suspect the fact it was less sugar for the kids that she was happy about.
Happy Birthday my darling Isabel xxxx

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