Saturday, January 15, 2011

This really feels like home....

I realized today that Manhattan really feels like home. As most of my friends know I am always on facebook and I love reading about what is going on back home but I am not homesick? As much as I love Australia I really feel I belong here at the moment. I know we will have to go back one day but I try not to think about it because living here has made me fell so alive. I do miss family and friends but with the technology we have today I probably talk to them more now than I did back home.
The girls are now settled into their school/pre school routine and I try to get out and about when I can.  I am surprisingly very busy with everything as I do everything rather than pay to have it done. I suppose if I were to start working this could change as they seem to work such long hours here.
We have a long weekend this week as they have a public holiday to commemorate the birthday of Martin Luther King. Isabel came home the other night very confused about what this “King” was about. Obviously she had no idea and they had a substitute teacher who made the kids write about what they thought he was all about. Poor Isabel she is so shy she just could not bring herself to tell him she had no idea. We went home and researched all about him and I have to say I was blown away. To think the USA still in the 60’s had segregation of the African Americans is just horrifying. I was so inspired by what I read about Martin Luther King and what he did for all Americans.He was very influential in the civil rights movement and thanks to him his "dream" is a reality. I will be celebrating his life on Monday as he is a true hero!
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