Saturday, January 29, 2011

Update from the storm

They predicted 2-5 inches HOWEVER we in fact got 12 inches so this storm was almost as bad as the one the day after Christmas. I have subscribed to this notification system that either text or email’s you any important updates to do with the city. What a sophisticated way to keep the citizens of New York City updated. I got a text to confirm that all Public schools in New York where cancelled so I let the girls sleep in. My “me” day then became a “stuck in the house day”. Luckily I was stocked up with toilet paper from my recent trip to Costco so I was very happy I had done that.
Isabel was so happy and as a child why would you NOT be! Then what everyone does is go to Central Park an go sledding. The Mom’s from school started the routine emails to organize this. I decided to instead go on our own as they were meeting a bit further up from where we live and it was just a bit hard walking up there with Annika. I don’t use a stroller as it’s impossible until the streets are cleared.
We managed to do my morning ritual of star bucks and with our sled in tow we headed to Central Park. We had so much fun!! We managed to find a spot with three huge snowmen that people had made and that kept Annika entertained. She was actually obsessed with them as Isabel sled. I was watching my girls having the time of their life and I realized how amazing this experience is for them also. I realize Annika will remember very little. Isabel on the other hand is probably going to have this impact her for the rest of her life.  She is just so happy here and it makes the whole experience even more fulfilling then. We also just received her school report and it’s excellent. I am so proud of her as he adapting skills are obviously being fine tuned here and that is something so valuable for later on in life.
The city responded very well this time around HOWEVER they have issues with were to put the snow? January is now on record for the most snow received ever! We also just got word that there may be another storm coming next week it’s just unbelievable!!

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