Tuesday, January 18, 2011


New York is a city of fashion and finance. It’s a city of celebrities and four very famous women called Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte. City of so many glamorous and wonderful events however no one really warns you about SLUSH!
After weeks of blizzards, snow storms and cold weather today was my taste of what I have affectionately called slush-fest.  Slush-fest occurs when you have recently fallen snow piled up on the sides of roads and then you have rain that freezes on contact then turns it into slush when the temperature rises above zero. So far I have avoided buying rubber boots as really I had no idea of how bad it really got here even though I had been warned to buy some. I do have snow boots and so far they have been amazing but today was a new level of slush. As you do everything on foot here in Manhattan taking the kids to school was even harder as we had to walk through ankle deep slush. Poor Isabel I stupidly put on her sneakers as she has gym today however we managed to manoeuvrer as well as you can with a toddler in a stroller as well.
It was the collection of them both that was going to be interesting. I went in to see Hugo at Macy’s as he too realised that he HAD to invest in some appropriate footwear so I caved in and bought a pair of leopard print rubber boots. Luckily the assistant also explained that you need liners in them otherwise your foot would freeze.
Afternoon pick up arrived and it was already worse than this morning as it had been raining all day. At least with rubber boots on now I just walk across the road rather than tip toeing and jumping which can get very slippery. I also picked up a pair for Isabel as the poor thing had to walk home it saturated sneakers. Annika is in her stroller with her rain cover and arctic bag so she is just enjoying the ride.
I want to know how those “Sex and the City” girls managed to get around in their Manolo’s in this??? Please explain!!!!!!!!!!!!
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