Monday, January 24, 2011

Why is everyone so fit in Manhattan?

I have been living here now for over 2 months now. I joined up to a gym about 1 month ago and I have to say I do feel like my fitness is returning. I go 3 times a week and run and do weights. Annika comes with me as they have amazing childcare which is also a bonus. I like working out on my own and I do like to push myself. I don’t like talking and instead I plug in my iPod and go for it. Some people meditate I run.
I was running on the treadmill today and it occurred to me that no one walks on the treadmills here they only run. Compared to all the gyms I have ever gone too there are always people that are starting and taking it easy. This is not the case? I even see quite elderly people really working out hard. I have no explanation except that maybe the stress and demands of this City require people to be in optimal physical condition? I know that we do live in an affluent area as the majority of the patrons at the gym are not your typical “gym” types. When I say that I mean that they are either really annoying body builders or “ try hard’s”  like my old Fitness First Maroubra (sorry Marco).
People take their fitness here very seriously and that is why the New York Road Runners have so many members. Nearly every week there is some sort of fun run going on. I have registered for another 4 mile one on the 6th of February. I love doing them too as it gives me a challenge and like I have mentioned before I love challenges. I like being in this healthy environment as I love being fit so its great to be amongst this.
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