Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back to the Gym

Joined and started today so really feeling like our lives here are now coming together. I have joined the New York Sports Club and its 2 streets up from our place. It has a playroom for kids which Annika loved today. I feel like a new person after having my first workout in about three months. Also they suggested when the weather gets a bit better that I can actually do my running in Central Park (right next to the gym) and then come back to do weights and collect Annika.
I am amazed that  here they offer childcare at the gym over the weekend too! So really there is no excuse which is great. Also with this weather being so cold its perfect for the kids to have a play while the parents get fit.

Everyone here in New York is into fitness which is great as Hugo and I are so into it also. Also I notice very few overweight people too! I suppose the fact you walk a lot would contribute to that. So now to regain my fitness and work my way to my other goal and that is to one day take part in the New York Marathon.
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