Friday, December 24, 2010

Was the night before Christmas...........

Christmas eve and just waiting to talk to both my and Hugo's family. Spoke to some friends that called me today and it was so lovely to speak to them. I kept forgetting I was in New York except as I spoke to Peta I kept looking outside and yes I was actually living in New York. I was so excited to tell them how happy I am here. In fact I think we all are and its just brought us all so close as a family.
We all went to the gym this morning as they have an amazing playroom for the kids. I bumped into a German friend I have made from Annika's Pre school and I also spoke to the lovely receptionist I met the other day. It occurred to me that I have started to make friends here which is very exciting. I have to say I have never found it hard to make friends but you start to feel that sense of belonging. I have also made some lovely friends with some of the "Mom's" at Isabel school. They are so friendly and always go out of their way to make me feel welcome and their kids do the same for Isabel. Also play-dates are very much the thing to do here with kids. I am taking two of Isabel's schools friends to the movies on Sunday as you tend to do things out as the apartments are so small. I think that is the thing I love about Manhattan , your always out!
I also have asked around for baby sitters as now that we have settled in Hugo and I want to start to enjoy ourselves with some of the wonderful restaurants and bars around us. We also want to get to some of these Broadway productions. Its just amazing!! For example at the moment there is a production of "The Merchant of Venice" with Al Pacino!!!!!! I am beside myself that I could sit in a theater and watch this academy winning actor and one of my favorite actors ever!!
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