Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas and this magical city

New York is just breathtaking at the moment. The city streets are just covered with lights.The stores are just full of people doing their last minute shopping. There is this magic in the air that I have never felt before? I would say its the fact that now all the images of Christmas that we grow up with actually feel right? Growing up in Australia is far from a winter wonderland. Isabel keeps commenting on how this feels like a "real Christmas" which is so funny.
Have received baskets of goodies and cookies from both my brother and sister which makes me feel sad that I am not with them as we always have Christmas together however I am hoping next year they will come over here.
My sister and her family are over in Los Angeles as they booked this holiday before we had decided to move over here.Just spoke to her and it seems so strange to be so close yet so far.

Can't wait till Christmas morning as my girls are going to be over the moon. They are really getting spoilt.
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