Monday, December 13, 2010

Isabel and her social life (better than mine)

Well Isabel has not even been to school for 2 days and she has been invited to two parties!! Yes I had a note in her bag from one Mom (Mum) and then an email from another. Seems she is very much “The New Kid in Town” and she loves it. I was not sure if all the attention was going to freak her out but to the contrary she loves it!!
I love, love, love that everyone one here is so much into emails, internet etc. I am a technological junkie and find that communicating via email is the best form of contact most of the time. I find that having kids and so much going on that you can only really focus on things when the time is right. With email you can choose that time. I can even email her teacher!! Rather than trying to juggle a toddler having a melt down while I try and discuss things. I can email Alanna (Isabel’s teacher) when it suits me and she can respond accordingly.

Isabel went to Hannah’s party on Saturday which was a movie then back to her apartment for Pizza and cake (staples here for their parties). I went to pick her up and she was so excited to tell me they had taken her in a cab (another first). We caught the subway home and again the excitement of the modes of transport here in NYC for my beautiful daughter.
On Sunday she had Aliza's gymnastic party at the Chelsea piers. It was an amazing place with all the state of the art equipment. It was great to mix with all the Mom’s and Dad’s. So funny as they had wine and the real Aussie in me came out I think? I was the only one that had more than one glass as a matter of fact it was 4. The parents I met where such a mixing pot of nationalities which is so typical on NYC. I just love it!!! I think this is such a wonderful experience for all of us especially the girls.

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