Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our first official Snow Fall

This morning we woke up to snow covered cars and our street had a thin layer of snow also. Hugo and I were so excited to see the look on Isabel’s face when she woke up to see it. We had a flurry the other day (light snow fall) and she was excited but an actual snow dump is what she has been dying to see. Her face was priceless as she opened the curtain. It seems that all the kids here in the Upper West Side were just as excited as Isabel was. We got to school and the kids were all rugged up and playing with the snow and let me add it was -6 degrees all day. As I walked through the streets today and I was just in awe of this magical place called Manhattan. I actually laughed to myself to think that were I come from we would be walking around in flip-flops (thongs) and probably heading down towards the beach. I love being here for this and I especially love the fact that we are well on our way to a white Christmas.
Today was also Annika’s first day at preschool. I felt the usual anxiety you do when you are about to offload such precious cargo. I don’t know if it’s just me but my mind has the most awful ideas when I am about to start a new thing with any child of mine. I get these visions of the most awful scenarios that just make me feel even more anxious. I know that it’s the old mother guilt setting in but I know both of us need the time out. Well in a nutshell all went well and she loved it. I was going to only leave her one hour but I left her two. I actually stopped in a star bucks and had a coffee which felt so strange. Normally I am always walking around these streets trying to steer the stroller one handed and with the other one sipping my double tall non fat latte.
All that know me also know I love my exercise especially my running. After having Isabel I really got into it and thanks to my trainer Mandi who helped me maintain my fitness for so many years. I am very proud to say I trained all through the pregnancy with Annika and actually ran till I was 32 weeks. I even trained the day beforenI gave birth and was back into it 8 weeks after having Annika. I also know that having suffered with post natal depression that exercise is beneficial not only physically but mentally for me. To me it’s a drug and I have been having severe withdrawals due to this move and not being able to do anything as I had the girls 24/7. I went to inspect a gym today because it’s the only way its going to work with Annika. I would much rather train outdoor like I do back in Sydney however with a child and with this cold weather its impossible so a gym it must be. They have great childcare and its looks amazing. I am going to check out a few more and my aim is to be fit and fabulous here in New York! I was going to train and attempt the marathon next year but it seems you need to qualify and do a certain amount of fun runs which I don’t know I will make let alone be fit enough for. However if not in 2011 I will definitely then try for 2012.

I am so looking forward to Annika totally settling in to Pre-school then I can start doing all the museums. My dream has always been to visit the Guggenheim and I cannot believe I live in New York.
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