Sunday, December 26, 2010

Storm Warning

All week they have been talking about this storm that was due to hit New York City on the Saturday 26th of December. I have to say they seem to be very accurate with the weather predictions which is something I am not used to. I know back home they seem to get it right fifty percent of the time. I have found the accuracy here to be almost perfect so I knew they did mean business when they were making all these blizzard predictions. I sit her at almost 9.00pm local time and I think there is at least one foot of snow outside. It has not stopped since midday but I have to say its been amazing to watch. The wind has been so strong and visibility so bad they they have also warned people to stay off the roads. Even Annika has been coming to our bedroom window to look at it. She keeps saying "snow" and pointing. Its a sight my little Maroubra beach babe has never seen.

Since last night they put in place these contingency plans where they have called back from holidays thousands of sanitation workers to work at clearing up the snow. Its just so impressive how efficient and how well organized this city is. I suppose with a population of over eight million people they need to be. They have also been placing salt everywhere so that walking is some what a bit safer even though its pretty dangerous as I had a fall myself today.
Airlines started calling people yesterday to re book and from about 2.00pm this afternoon all airports are closed. In fact Philadelphia and Boston are closed too.
Tomorrow the Mayor of New York has declared its  a "sled day" at all the major parks in all five boroughs. They are going  to provide free hot chocolate from 10.00am to 3.00pm for everyone as they expect all the kids to hit the park and play in the winter wonderland that has been created by mother nature.The children here are on their one week holiday so its actually great otherwise trying to wheel Annika in a stroller to get to school would be a nightmare.
Lets see what Manhattan look like when we get up.
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