Monday, December 20, 2010

Manhattan is full of Celebrities

I have to say and people that also know me will agree I love celebrities and especially when I see them out and about. Back home and living in the Eastern Suburbs you do see a few of our Australian ones but it’s very unlikely that I or anyone I know would bump into anyone that is of an International caliber except for course for Miss Peta who works at Qantas and deals with all the VIP’s.
The other day after I had woken a very cranky Annika from her nap to collect her sister from school. I offered her some cake to somehow cheer her up. It’s just unfortunate that when Annika wants to sleep I have to collect Isabel from school so its a constant battle we have which usually results in me trying to bribe her with something. We walked to Isabel school where it’s just chaos in the afternoons. There would have to be hundreds of parents all scrambling to get their kids and to either get into cars or take of down one of the streets to try and get out of the playground which is just crazy. I collected Isabel as per every other day and she was excited as we were going to the starbucks just on the corner. We lined up as per normal and although I didn’t look properly I saw a man with a child behind us. I didn’t think twice as there were lots of kids with their parents except when I looked at this man he seemed so familiar. I looked closer and thought to myself he really looks like Jerry Seinfeld. I kept looking at him and his son and he looked over to me and smiled. He looked at Annika in her new very warm foot muff that she now loves and I think he just thought she was very cute. I heard him speak to a man who had offered his seat so his son could sit with him and that voice was just so distinctive.........yes it was Jerry Seinfeld. I was so excited!! I think I have watched thousands of his episodes. I keep refereeing to his show even now especially when things happen here that can only happen living in New York. So I now officially feel my life is an episode of “Seinfeld”.

The next day I went to collect Isabel from school again and I did look into that infamous  starbucks but of course he was not there. I was standing in the playground to collect Isabel when I noticed a woman who again looked very familiar to me. I looked closely and I will add at the moment with the cold everyone is wearing coats; scarfs etc so it’s hard to actually see what people really look like. I looked closely and yes it was Cynthia Nixon better known as “Miranda” from “Sex and The City”. I honestly think I started to hyperventilate! It would have to be one of my favourite shows as I feel over the years of watching it I could relate to so many of the characters and their issues. She has a son and that obviously attends Isabel’s school so I am assuming I will be seeing her again.

We went to the Central Park zoo on the weekend with Hugo’s Friend Chris and his son whom we have got very friendly with. Chris and his wife Susan are Australian and have been living here for two years. They have been wonderful with all the information and help they have been able to offer. In my conversation with Chris he asked if I was interested to see “Prince” tonight. I was so excited and so was Hugo. We helped him out with tickets he had bought and didn’t need any more. He even offered to look after the girls which was then a “done deal”.It was so nice to be able to go out with Hugo alone like a date again after so many months. We were both very excited to see Prince and to go to the Famous Madison Square Gardens. 
The concert was amazing and so was Prince and I might add he looks and dances the same! Prince got to the end of his concert and he was about to do his last song when he called up onto the stage a few of his “friends’ that were in the Audience. These were people like Whoopi Goldberg, Naomi Campbell, Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx, Spike Lee, Nene (Housewife of Atlanta) and many more that I didn’t know but apparently are well known US sports people. I realised that only in New York could you have that many celebrities present on one given night. Obviously in  New York it’s so normal. It will never be normal to me and I will continue to get excited and get on my  Facebook  page and write on it. I love New York!!
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