Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let it snow.................but enough is enough

The blizzard was amazing! It started slowly and then by the next day what we woke up to could only be described as unbelievable. I open the curtains and all I could see was snow. The cars were totally covered and the street, well where was the street? Hugo decided to try and get to work which on his own was ok. I decide that maybe I would go and do washing as the Laundromat was across the street. How hard could that be? So I grabbed our washing and the 2 girls. What was I thinking? The simple task of crossing the road was impossible. The snow was about 2 feet deep which would mean Annika would be up to her waist in snow. We went to the corner and carefully climbed the pile of snow on the corner that was there from the snow they had shovelled from the footpath. You see these piles on every corner at the moment. Let’s just say doing the washing on this day was not a good idea with 2 kids.
The days have gone by and bit by bit the city is trying to get to some normality. These New Yorker’s are tough and they just seem to get things done! The Mayor Bloomberg has been heavily criticised as there are boroughs like Queens and Staten Island that have not seen one ploughed yet. The City resembles some sort of natural disaster as the simple tasks like going to the store or heading out to work have now become very challenging and dangerous. I have been trying to do the best I can I am lucky as both girls are on a break from school. Today Annika need to get her blood test and we had to get down to 58th street. So walking to the subway we had to follow the streets that had the least amount of puddles to walk through. It’s very challenging but we are all doing what we have to. We then decided to go to the Children’s Museum which they love and it seems that the streets heading towards there are a lot worse. Isabel and I had to just walk through puddles that were one foot deep but luckily our boots are waterproof!
I feel sorry for the many stuck at the airports and anyone trying to get out or in to New York.
The snow was cute but I want things to get back to normal, especially for all those that have been really badly affected.

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