Sunday, November 27, 2011

Last night I caught up with an old Colleague who was in New York for a visit. It was so nice to show her around my "neighborhood". I am so fortune to have worked with some amazing people back in my Ansett Australia days. We caught up on the last 10 years since Ansett's collapsed over dinner and two bottles of wine. I have to thank Facebook for allowing me to maintain contact with so many of my old Ansett buddies. Its been amazing to have caught up here in New York with so many.

And on the subject on Facebook I am also now running another contest and this time its for a $25 Amazon gift voucher. I have had such an overwhelming response to the ipad 2 giveaway I have got into the spirit of things. I do also have ANOTHER wonderful giveaway coming up which I am sure many of you will really be excited about. I know I sure am!!!

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