Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 2011 (our second one here in NYC)

Well I am glad to say this second Thanksgiving was again a lovely experience. The morning started with a sleep in well if you call 7.00am a sleep in. Hugo took Isabel down to the bottom of 70th and Central Park West to watch the parade. I saw people heading down there so early too! Of course we are so close we tend to leave it to the last minute. I stayed back and went down there later with Annika.
In typical New York fashion the parade was spectacular. Also I was surprised to see how much was actually open too! There were people everywhere so after a stroll to get a latte we head home.
I cooked a beautiful pork roast as I don’t eat Turkey. Long story however as I always tell my friends I simply don’t eat anything that flies. Regardless the pork came out spectacularly and we feasted on all the sides I prepared.
I also need to admit to an addiction I have developed since relocating to New York. PUMPKIN PIE!!!
Back home in Australia pumpkin is a vegetable and we make soup or we roast it like potatoes. I have adapted to the American way of having as a sweet now too. I am totally and completely addicted to pumpkin pie and these Starbucks pumpkin and cream cheese muffins. These are definitely delicacies we don’t have back home down under!
At this time during this special holiday I take time to reflect on what exactly I am grateful for.
I am grateful for my family, friend,health and my life here in NYC.
I also feel extremely grateful to all of you that actually read my blog. I feel privileged to be able to also share my experiences here with you all.

I have another surprise contest coming up very soon!
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