Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rest In peace Robin

Today I had a friend call me from Sydney. She told me the very sad news that an old friend has passed away. I want to write a blog entry about Robin and I would like to dedicate this in his honor.
I met Robin when I was a Flight Attendant back in Australia. Robin had had HIV however that was never going to stop him from being the wonderful person he was. He had an amazing sense of humor even when he was obviously in pain or suffering with a reaction he was having to the treatment he was on.You knew at times he was suffering as he would need to sit and catch his breath at times on the aircraft. He would then get up and just smile as is to reassure us he was ok. It must of been so hard for him poor guy.
We particularly did a lot of the Auckland flights we loved. We would both laugh and enjoy the different type of passengers on board. We enjoyed the fact they were mainly Latin’s so he with his Portuguese and me with My Spanish would have a ball. He would be so proud of me now if he could see how much my Spanish has improved over here in New York.
I remember Robin loving art. There were a few times where I went to his apartment in Potts Point and he would boast about his new masterpiece he had acquired. Robin also loved wine. Robin loved life.
I lost touch with Robin when Ansett collapsed and I knew he had moved to Cairns. I remember trying to contact him when I was up there one time but it seemed he had become somewhat of a recluse. I did respect his privacy.
Robin I want to thank you for all those wonderful nights your smile got me through some of those long flights. I always admired your strength and courage in what seemed such an unfair battle you had with this horrid disease. I wish I had of seen you in the years after Ansett but I understand. We were all so busy finding our ways and fighting our own personal battles.
I hope you are sitting somewhere fabulous with masterpieces surrounding you. Good bye old friend you are gone but will never be forgotten.
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