Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vacation Booked!!

I just booked our first vacation here in the USA. We have decided to go to Orlando and do both Disney and Universal Studios. I would have loved to either have done a Cruise as I would find that perfect for resting and just relaxing. When Hugo changed jobs he had to have his Visa reissued so that is when he went to the Dominican Republic to do it. I stayed behind with the girls and opted to submit for an extension. It would have been a lot faster had I gone with Hugo to the DR. I submitted my paperwork in July and I am still waiting. It unfortunately means that if I leave the USA at the moment I will be denied entry. It looks like it will be ready around February. Unfortunately Hugo's work has told him he needs to take his leave by the end of December.They have extended it to the first week of January. Had we known this we would of planned this well in advance. Being the winter break here hotels and flights are very difficult. I have managed to book us for 7 days leaving December 31.Its times like this I am so glad I am a Travel Agent!!! Isabel is beside herself mainly as we are going to visit the new Harry Potter exhibition at Universal Studios. She has become the huge Harry Potter Fan that many children her age seem to be. I do feel very fortunate that its only a 3 hours flight from here. I know many Australians including my sister make the huge trek over and its a very long one!!
I now need to start thinking about the next vacation. This time it wont be as rushed and having to just accept what ever flights or accommodation is left!

Also any followers with suggestions to Child friendly Restaurants please just leave them in comments. We are staying in the Disney Downtown area.
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