Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rain Rain go away!

We had one of those soggy rain days that make the simplest of tasks so much harder!! We do everything by foot so when it rains we have to adapt to the conditions. Strollers get their rain covers on. We all get out or rubber boots because simply its the only way to keep your feet dry. You need a good wet weather jacket that is waterproof. And an umbrella is optional however you need to watch out for the "Umbrella Rage" that can creep its ugly head out!
Lucky for us we are on the Upper West Side so not as chaotic like midtown. You imagine the masses of people rushing to get somewhere with a huge umbrella. There is bond to be many collisions!

We have adapted and it does become a routine sort of thing. Annika has discovered a love for her rubber boots. She loves to "jump over muddy puddles'' to quote her beloved Peppa Pig.The only problem with that is she tends to wet me and any unfortunate bystander that is standing by. We are working on her NOT doing this.

Peppa Pig

I honestly dont understand why the drainage is so bad. It does not have to rain for very long and the sidewalks all get so full of water. You cannot help but get wet shoes hence the rubber boots are mandatory.
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